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At the heart of luxury

​10 February 2014
Hello everybody,

This time I want to share with you a great experience that I have had this week! I just came back to Stockholm after having spent three days in Paris, engaging in interesting meetings with potential clients, educative seminars about packaging innovation and technology and of course meeting the ever-so-friendly colleagues at Stora Enso.

What was the occasion, you wonder? Let me explain! Every year, Stora Enso attends several packaging exhibitions where we display our product range and service offering, establish and maintain customer contacts as well as pick up trends and news about our market environment. This time around, we in Consumer Board visited the PCD (Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics and Design) exhibition, where we advertised our products, primarily our flagship cartonboard brand Ensocoat. Below are some pictures from the exhibition:


The booth during exhibition


Some of the products that we produce the board for


Attending a seminar about color perception
The fair lasted for two days and for a (relatively) young fellow like myself it was a very rewarding experience! I got to learn more about one of the most demanding end-use segments for our products, I gained insight into the current trends and developments within luxury packaging, I got to see our salespeople “in action” for the first time and I got to meet some new colleagues from Stora Enso’s Paris office!

One key development within packaging, reflecting a much wider trend in the world today, that I would like to share with you is that recyclable packaging is gaining an increased foothold. When walking around the exhibition hall it struck me that many of the exhibiting companies (over 200 in total) emphasized their environmental responsibility. I believe that in this area, through the nature of our products, we as a paper and board manufacturer have a distinct advantage compared to manufacturers of other substrates – our products are part of a “closed loop” since the raw materials that we use in production are both recyclable and degradable. This fact is easy to forget, particularly while passing a newly harvested forest area that might not look very nice, but the fact is that in the Nordic countries, the total volume of trees increases significantly every year. Through responsible forestry, we can contribute to decreasing the strain on the environment. Keep that in mind next time you are at the supermarket and choose between a product packaged in plastics and one packaged in paperboard!
Together with my colleagues I also had the opportunity to explore the excellent cuisine of Paris, and although there was little time for sightseeing I spotted both the Arc d’Triomphe and Stade de France from a distance.
All in all it was a great experience and reminded me once again that this trainee programme is a brilliant way to gain exposure to different aspects of our company and industry. Next time you hear from me, I will be in a totally different part of the world. Until then, stay safe!