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Everyone is an innovator

​Hello everyone,

Finally it is my turn to blog again, and this time I want to share with you a few thoughts on innovation. Stora Enso is in the process of transforming from a pulp and paper company to a renewable materials company, and part of that transformation will come from new fibre-based innovations. Just the word, innovation, sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it? Please, think for a second what innovation means to you! 

I bet that some of you think of smart inventions like the zip lock, the light bulb or the telephone. Some others probably have in mind cool gadgets, perhaps IT- or technology related, with clever design and great functionality. But if new product inventions or technological features are all we put into the word innovation, doesn’t that mean that only a few of us, those who come up with new inventions, need to be innovative? Shouldn’t we all be responsible in pushing things forward, regardless of position in our organisations?

From my point of view, innovation is so much more than merely inventing new products and services. It can be a new way of acting, talking, even thinking, it can be a new process, a new way of organising, a new way of using an already existing product – basically anything that leads to new ways of doing things can be called innovation! In line with this thinking, everyone has the right, perhaps even the obligation, to be innovative, to question the current way of doing things, to rethink. Actually, I believe this is one of the most important ways in which each individual within an organisation, regardless of position, can help that organisation to achieve success.

Therefore, being innovative is a crucial attribute in professional life, and it might be worthwhile for us all to question our current way of doing things every now and then – the worst thing that can happen is that we realise it is a bad idea and move back to how we usually do things!

Until next time, stay safe