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"The President"

​6 October 2013

Another week has passed and it has continued on the same track as the previous once; exciting, challenging and very educational! On Friday afternoon I spent an hour together with the other trainees at an online meeting, which we have decided to call: “What are you working on?” The idea is simple; fortnightly we have a get together where there is a new trainee hosting the meeting. Inviting a speaker to give a presentation about different subjects or something the speaker would like to share to all trainees and the host also gives an update on what he/she is working on. This week it was Ville Karvonen, Development Engineer at the Heinloa Mill, hosting the meeting and he had invited Kati Manskinen, Manager, Environment and Quality Services at Heinola Mill. Kati shared what she is working on and the different aspects of her field of work. I think it broaden the understanding for the importance to consider the whole life cycle for our products, at least it did for myself. After the formal parts of the meeting I can promise that the sharing of experiences and ideas are frequently shared between the trainees. So I encourage you, that if you would like to share something with the trainees, just let us know and you can get the opportunity to be a speaker at a “What are you working on?” meeting.


Over to something different, I have always liked analogies from the world of sports, especially when it comes to describe different aspects of team work. Maybe not so strange, team work is a key to success in team sport, and having spent a lot of my youth in the world of sports, this has been preached by many coaches over the years. But, I got the opportunity to spend last weekend at the Imatra Mill during their annual maintenance shutdown and from the view of team work, I have a new analogy. Try to start-up “The President” (BM1) on your own! Impossible, you need to work as team! It was a truly great experience to see the team working together as they were starting up the more than 100 m long machine. Everyone knowing exactly what the others were doing, constantly communicating (with body language due to the high noise), helping each other out as the board where moving from the wet end towards the jumbo reel. Would have made any coach envious of admiration! Thanks a lot to Jani Sund who were willing to drag along with a curious trainee the whole weekend! When I left Imatra on Friday it was still some delays after the maintenance, some of the board machines was not up to full production, so I hope everything has gone well during the weekend and everything is up and running.
Trust you all have had a great week and weekend!