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Why I chose Stora Enso

​28 November 2013
Hello everyone,
First of all, allow me to briefly introduce myself; my name is Björn Thelin and it is now my turn to carry the torch here in the trainee blog! I am one of four Swedish trainees, based in the Stockholm office. I am a graduate from the Stockholm School of Economics, and work as Business Intelligence Analyst within the Consumerboard business unit.

Now, what on earth does a Business Intelligence Analyst do? I provide our sales people and other interested parties with information and analysis on competitors, customers, macro environment, industry events and internal data. My best friends are Excel, PowerPoint and Google. An example of my work tasks is that I have recently performed an analysis on our products and brands within Consumerboard, in order to better understand the impacts of different marketing and communication activities (product improvements, re-brandings etc.) on price and profitability.
I want to tell you a little bit about why I chose to join Stora Enso. Broadly speaking, at my school most students want to become either management consultants or investment bankers. Both lines of profession offer big challenges, great career opportunities and are indeed associated with loads of prestige. However, when I began studying I quickly realized that neither of these careers really appealed to me. Why, you ask? I will try to explain. For me it is more appealing to actually be out there, in a "real" industry, which creates value by producing something tangibIe (I am sure you know the basics of how paper and board is produced!). I was never fond of the idea of working as a consultant, where you are hired to fix a problem/implement a solution only to leave the company once you have achieved the project objectives. Instead, I want to "follow through"; see change happen, improvements achieved and results delivered. I am not saying that this can't happen when working as a consultant or banker, or that these professionals don't create value, but I perceive the personal stake in the prosperity and success of the company you are working at as bigger when working in the industry. When employed by an industry company, you have a stake in delivering results and achieving improvements that last – the long-term well-being of your company is the main priority. Furthermore, getting to learn the nuts and bolts of your industry, really feeling like an expert at something and having specific knowledge about all the little details of your work really appeals to me.
Next time I plan to tell you a little about my impressions of the trainee programme so far!