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Risk Management

​Stora Enso has categorised risks into four areas: 1) Marketplace, 2) Intrastructure, 3) Reputational and 4) Financial risks.

In order to mitigate the impact of risks and achieve more stable business, the Group has a policy for managing the risks. The most significant risks are listed in the table below and described in the Risks and Risk management documents below.


Business environment risks
Business development risks
Supplier risks
Market risks
Commodity and energy price risk​

Human resources risks
Climate change risks
Labour market disruption risk
Supply chain risks
IT risks
Property and business disruption risks
Health and Safety risks
Personnel security risks
Natural catastrophe risks​
Business Practice Policy related risks
Governance risks
Environmental risks
Product safety risks
Social risks​
Financial risks
Interest rate risk
Currency risk
Funding risk
Commodity price risk​