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机械化作业(造林和采伐) The Business for Mechanization (Silviculture and Harvesting)

斯道拉恩索集团在广西的森林经营中的机械化作业始于2005年。其目的是显著提高森林作业中的安全性、效率、质量和生产率。 在广西,传统的森林作业方式(除斯道拉恩索集团之外)为全人工作业方式。迄今为止斯道拉恩索所采用的机械化作业的实例包括:

· 机械化采伐和集材,包括由绞盘机协助的山地采伐机
· 机械化整地
· 机械化种植作业 
· 机械化除草

The mechanization of Stora Enso’s forest operations in Guangxi commenced in 2005. Its purpose was to significantly increase the safety, efficiency, quality and productivity of the forest operations. Typical
forest operations in Guangxi (outside of Stora Enso) are fully manual. Examples of mechanization adopted by Stora Enso so far include:   

· Mechanized harvesting and forwarding including winch assisted slope machines 
· Mechanized soil preparation
· Mechanized planting operations   
· Mechanized weeding   




· 大大减少与人工作业相关的安全风险
· 减少对越来越有限的劳动力资源的依赖
· 消除由恶劣天气造成的时间损失,可以常年作业
· 引入更高的标准并且达到更好的质量
· 更具成本效益
· 更快和更高产
· 减少林区道路的用量,以减少对环境的影响
· 改善林业工人的工作条件

The advantages of increased mechanization are many and include:

· To significantly reduce the safety risk associated with manual operations 
· To reduce the dependence on manual labor resources which are becoming increasingly limited 
· To eliminate lost time caused by bad weather and allow year-round operations 
· To introduce higher standards and better quality 
· They are more cost-effective 
· They are faster and more productive 
· To reduce environmental impact by limiting the amount of roading required 
· To improve the working conditions of forest workers





公司于2015年2月引入了第一台山地采伐机, 这些采伐机将根据年度采伐计划用于南宁、北海、玉林和钦廉等地。

Stora Enso introduced winch-assisted harvesting and forwarding machines to its forest operations in Guangxi in 2015. These machines make harvesting on slopes of over 30 degrees much safer as the winch secures the machine and the operator. The winch’s operation is synchronized to the driving speed of the machine, so it works automatically, keeping the wire-rope to a set tension.

Stora Enso Guangxi is the first to introduce cut-to-length wheel based harvesters and forwarders in China and now the first to introduce winch assisted machines to harvest steep slopes.

The first set of winch machines was introduced in February 2015, and these machines will be used in Nanning, Beihai, Yulin and Qinlian Territories according to the annual harvesting plan.