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Learning leadership skills in China

​​During their trip to China, our global leadership trainees learned things that can’t be taught in a classroom. As the Trainee Programme description promises, our trainees get world-class training, global exposure and an exclusive opportunity to explore themselves and the world in a truly unique way.

Published: 4/14/2014 3:00 PM


​The programme exposes our trainees to various challenges and situations. Understanding global responsibility. Working with challenging real-life projects. Getting to know different cultures. Or how about all of the above together? This is what the trainees experienced during their trip to China in the beginning of 2014.


They went to China to learn about the country and about our own operations there, and to do project work. Their projects included actual challenges related to Stora Enso’s global responsibility in Beihai, such as looking into local business opportunities, analysing different biofuel opportunities, as well as delving into ancient papermaking.


The trainees didn’t go to China only to watch and see how things are done, but through their project work they were able to gain hands-on experience of the business environment. “To me this was the most relevant part of the program so far. It makes more sense when you work on something tangible that actually creates value rather than just looking at cases and speaking in theories,” one of the trainees commented after the trip.


It is experiences like these that prepare the trainees to be our future leaders. We believe that our leaders need to understand global responsibility, and the earlier they are exposed to the topic, the better. Our leaders also need to have a good understanding of cultural differences, as well as making decisions in uncertain environments and with unambiguous information. “My biggest learnings included difficulties to operate in growth markets and the complexity of CSR issues. This experience helped to put things in a perspective,” said one of the trainees.

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