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Energy efficiency is a top priority for Stora Enso.

Our energy consumption is the greatest source of our CO2 emissions, so improving our energy efficiency is a vital way to reduce our climate impact.


The cornerstone of our energy efficiency strategy is our global energy target. Our Group-wide target is to reduce our specific electricity and heat consumption per tonne of pulp, paper and board production by 15% by 2020 compared with the baseline year of 2010.


Energy procurement and generation

Stora Enso’s operations are based on the processing of renewable resources. The most energy intensive phase in Stora Enso’s value chain is the production processes of our paper and board products.


Stora Enso generates steam and electricity internally for use at our production facilities, and we also purchase fuel, electricity and heat from external suppliers. We strive to secure and enhance access to cleaner energy through strategic partnerships with external energy suppliers.


In 2013 our total energy self-sufficiency figure increased to 60% (57% in 2012).


High share of biomass in internal energy production

The share of biomass in our internal energy production was 77% in 2013 (78%). This figure is already significantly higher than European paper industry average.

Pulp and paper production results in by-products such as black liquor, bark, and different kinds of sludge. These materials together with harvesting residues and recovered wood all constitute important biomass sources for our internal energy generation.