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Community impacts

​Our operations have wide-ranging impacts on different groups of stakeholders locally, regionally and globally. In addition to minimising any adverse impacts that our activities may have, we also aim to enrich economic and social conditions in the communities where we operate.

We recognise the need to create shared value in the communities where we operate. By creating shared value we aim to increase Stora Enso’s competitiveness, while at the same time promoting improvements on economic, environmental, ethical, and social issues along our value chain.

In Finland and Sweden, where our presence is particularly significant, we operate as part of a vibrant regional forest cluster. Procuring wood as raw material for our mills also creates value for everyone within such clusters, including forest owners, wood supply intermediaries, local entrepreneurs, and logistics providers.

In Continental Europe, where paper for recycling is an important raw material for our mills, we strive to create value together with recycled paper suppliers, the public sector and non-governmental organisations who promote recycling.

The sourcing of raw materials, other goods and services forms a major part of the Group’s economic value creation. Payments for wood are our largest single cost item. Our relationships with our local and global suppliers and responsibility issues along our supply chain are key topics in our Global Responsibility Strategy.


Supporting cluster development in Asia and South America

Our joint ventures Veracel in Bahia, Brazil and Montes del Plata in Uruguay, and our operations in Guangxi, southern China, are a major part of emerging local industrial clusters around our mills and tree plantations.


Our investments in capacity building and local sourcing, local nature conservation, agro-forestry programmes, and income generation projects in local communities all provide examples of ways we are supporting cluster development and shared value creation in these regions.


Responsible restructuring

Stora Enso has restructured its operations which has largely been driven by the decline in global paper markets. Local communities in our traditional areas of operations have suffered due to the closures of production lines or entire production units.


Discontinuing operations creates problems not only for our employees, but for the affected communities as a whole. We proactively assist such communities to deal with regional structural changes and help to find alternative livelihoods for the people affected. Stora Enso also works to minimise the environmental impacts of closures.