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Caring for our people

A company performs better when its workforce is healthy and happy.


Stora Enso promises all employees a workplace that is safe, healthy, and fair, in line with internationally recognised human and labour rights. We are committed to become an accident-free workplace and to make sure everyone goes home safe, every day.


Diversity and equal opportunities

We are stronger when our workforce includes people of different backgrounds and cultures. We believe diversity is a key factor behind improved performance and innovation. We consider aspects such as gender, age, nationality and individual differences like varying experiences when assessing diversity within Stora Enso.

Building diverse teams is a priority for us. When we recruit for new positions and development programmes such as our trainee programme, we intentionally strive to increase the level of diversity.


Responsible restructuring

Where redundancies are unavoidable, our key principle is to work together with the employees affected to help them find other employment. Job openings in other Stora Enso units are made available to those affected wherever possible.

Other kinds of support we can provide include outplacement schemes, coaching, retraining, facilitating moves to other locations, or planning for early retirement. Employee organisations and other stakeholders are fully involved in such processes, in line with all applicable regulations.