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We help customers be sustainable.


Increasing consumer demands for sustainability are pushing brand owners to improve their performance. Stora Enso’s renewable products can help them meet those demands.


Opportunities and challenges
Stora Enso is in a good position to respond to consumer demands that many of our customers are faced with. Urbanisation means more people will prefer take-out food to home-cooked meals, and the increased consumer awareness of sustainability issues puts pressure on brand owners to develop packaging materials that are renewable and recyclable. The same awareness, combined with regional and local legislation, is pushing our customers to create more sustainable clothing, building solutions, and paper products. Stora Enso’s various products are well-positioned to respond to this demand.


Our policies
The Stora Enso Code of Conduct is a single set of values that provides guidance on our approach to ethical business practices, environmental values, and human and labour rights. These values are applied wherever we operate and with all customer interactions.


How we work
Stora Enso develops its expertise in renewable materials to meet the needs of our customers with products that meet high sustainability standards. Our business is organised into five divisions, each with their own focus areas and products, catering to numerous different customer sectors. Read more about our divisions, products and customers by following the links in the sidebar of this page.

Our customers push us to perform better in terms of sustainability, and we work together with them to improve the sustainability of our products. Stora Enso also measures customer satisfaction, an important part of our stakeholder engagement.

The importance of product safety, especially for materials used for packaging food, toys, and pharmaceuticals, is widely recognised and called for by our customers. Stora Enso’s product safety and quality control systems cover our processes from product development and raw material sourcing to the delivery of the finished products.

Stora Enso’s customers also benefit from the information provided by the numerous ecolabels and certificates granted to our units and brands.

Stora Enso is currently developing a strategy as well as targets and key performance indicators (KPIs) for our customer relations. In 2015, we opened two Innovation Centres that provide insight to our customers on how our innovations can improve the sustainability and overall performance of their operations. The Innovation Centres also provide surroundings for close cooperation with customers. Their input into product development is very valuable to Stora Enso.