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Ensuring the viability of forests.

Forests, Plantations & Land Use

Our main raw material, wood, comes from European forests and eucalyptus plantations in Uruguay, Brazil, and China. Sustainable forest and plantation management helps us secure the long-term availability of this renewable resource.


Opportunities and challenges 
As trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and together with wood-based products act as carbon sinks, wood represents a renewable alternative to materials based on fossil fuels. Physical challenges and opportunities brought by global warming already affect forests and plantations, but when well-managed they make ecosystems more resilient. These and other global challenges, such as population growth, push us to use forests and other natural resources ever more efficiently while conserving natural ecosystems.
Our policies
Stora Enso’s policy on Wood and Fibre Sourcing, and Land Management guides our work in relation to forestry and land use, covering the entire cycle of forest management. Other policies and guidelines that support this policy include, among others, Stora Enso’s Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct.



How we work
Our approach to responsible forest and plantation management takes the economic, social, and environmental aspects of sustainability into account. All the roundwood, chips, sawdust, and externally purchased pulp supplied to our mills come from sustainable sources. To guarantee this, we have a regionally organised wood procurement process in place.
In 2015, 89% of Stora Enso’s wood came from managed seminatural forests in the Northern Hemisphere, with 11% originating from plantations. We use various tools, such as certification schemes (FSC and PEFC) and traceability systems, to optimise wood procurement and land use efficiency without compromising sustainability. We also always make sure that harvested trees will be replaced by new growth.



In 2015, 90% of the lands owned and managed by Stora Enso were covered by certification systems. The target is to reach 96% coverage by the end of 2017. The share of certified wood in our total wood supply (36.2 million m3 in 2015) was 80%.
We actively work to increase the use of forest certification in areas where we purchase wood. In Russia and Brazil, for example, we promote group certification to encourage more suppliers and farmers to join these systems.