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We reward our investors sustainably.


Stora Enso continuously improves its sustainability performance and reporting to keep investors informed of our progress and future direction.
Opportunities and challenges
The global pool of socially responsible investors (SRIs) and the incorporation of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) analysis into investment decision-making is growing, pushing companies to be more sustainable in their operations. At the same time, shareholders expect financial profits from their investments. Stora Enso believes that only sustainable operations can ensure long-term financial success.

Stora Enso’s Investor Relations are guided by several laws and regulations, including the Finnish Securities Markets Act, Nasdaq rules in Helsinki and Stockholm, and the standards of the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Our policies
Company policies and guidelines related to our Stora Enso’s Investor Relations include:
• Disclosure Policy
• The Stora Enso Code of Conduct.


How we work
Stora Enso’s main shareholders are long-term investors who understand the importance of sustainable business practices. They constantly follow our sustainability performance and reporting.

We actively interact and maintain an open dialogue with our ESG investors with face-to-face meetings, conference calls, seminars, and webcasts. We also regularly share our sustainability performance and updates with our shareholders in our interim and annual reports, stakeholder letters, web updates, and our Investor Newsletter. For more information about our investor relations, visit our website.

Our Investor Relations function organised 45 one-on-one and group meetings with ESG investors in 2015. More information targeted at investors can be found in our Annual Report 2015, which consists of four reports: Progress Book, Financial Report, Sustainability Report, and Corporate Governance Report.