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Engaging communities in South America

Competitive pulp production, based on commercial-scale eucalyptus plantations in Brazil and Uruguay, is one of the cornerstones of our strategy. In these countries we focus on social responsibility and the creation of value shared with local communities.

  Our operations in South America include:

Joint operations at Veracel in Bahía, Brazil

Joint operations at Montes del Plata in Uruguay

Arapoti Paper Mill in Paraná, Brazil

Eucalyptus plantations in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil



The joint venture company Veracel runs a state-of-theart pulp mill and eucalyptus plantations in southern Bahia. Major stakeholder concerns in Brazil relate to land ownership and land use, landless and indigenous people’s rights, the water use of plantations, and local social and development issues related to poverty. Veracel’s large-scale land ownership and the consequent elevation of land prices have particularly been a major concern among some stakeholders. We strive to engage actively with all local stakeholders, to be an active member of local communities, and to help to address these challenges. Read more about this work.
Montes del Plata

Our joint venture company Montes del Plata runs a pulp mill in Uruguay, where we aim to take full advantage from the positive impacts and to mitigate any negative impacts of the business for the local communities.

Major stakeholder concerns include the potential impacts of the mill’s operations, which were first assessed in detail in an extensive economic and social impact analysis conducted back in 2010. Montes del Plata's sustainability approach and programmes are designed to leverage full advantage from the positive impacts of the business, and to mitigate any negative impacts. The company is working closely with the local community, authorities and various organisations. Read more about this work.