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Better results through open dialogue.

Stakeholder relations

​​​Identifying and maintaining an open dialogue with our stakeholders is key for our business, as they help us react to market expectations.​
Opportunities and challenges
Our products, services, and production processes are developed in collaboration with our customers and other stakeholders, so an honest and transparent dialogue with them is essential to the success of our business. At the same time, our stakeholders demand improvements in sustainability and continuously push us to perform better.
 Our policies
Our stakeholder relations are guided by relevant company policies and guidelines, including:

How we work
We consider anyone interested in our work as a stakeholder. Significant stakeholder groups for Stora Enso include:​


Our stakeholder engagement is based on both structured and flexible dialogues, as well as surveys and studies on various topics, such as customer and employee satisfaction. We also obtain important information through formal grievance channels and from trade unions.
We are also members of various international and national stakeholder initiatives, industry associations, and advocacy organisations. Read more on page 10 of our 2015 Sustainability Report.
In 2015 we continued our work with Save the Children, particularly focusing on the impacts of our  operations and supply chains on children’s rights. Save the Children has trained more than 600 Stora Enso employees​ on children’s rights and business principles.
In April 2015 Stora Enso signed a unique public-private partnership agreement with the International Labour Organisation (ILO​). The agreement has both a global component and a component focusing on Pakistan.
In 2015 we also joined the global non-profit organisation BSR. BSR has provided support in relation to the closure of our unit in Chennai, India, and helped our operations in Guangxi, China. BSR also assisted us by conducting a worldwide living​ wage study, developing a sustainability risk mapping tool, and supporting supply chain reviews.
In connection with the 2015 UN climate summit (COP 21) Stora Enso participated in the Low Carbon Technology Partnership initiative (LCTPi) of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). Ahead of COP 21, we joined the We Mean Business Coalition and The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group by signing a pledge to combat global warming through a scientifically calculated CO2 reduction target. Stora Enso was the only Finnish company to commit to the target.​

Speak Up: Our channels for reporting violations


We encourage all our stakeholders to report immediately if they see or suspect misconduct or violation of the Stora Enso Code of Conduct, whether it be by our employees, managers, or business partners. Our employees can report unethical behaviour to their closest supervisor, our Human Resources or Legal Services functions, or the Head of Internal Audit. In 2012, we launched an anonymous reporting service for our employees. Using this service, employees can report compliance violations online or by phone or mail.


Any supplier or partner we work with is also required to report non-compliances with the Code to our Head of Internal Audit.


All reports are handled promptly by our Head of Internal Audit and our Ethics and Compliance team. They are then reported to the Ethics and Compliance Board as well as our Financial and Audit Committee. Stora Enso does not accept retaliation against whistleblowers.


Anonymous reports can be made to the Head of Internal Audit of Stora Enso by mail at:

Head of Internal Audit

Stora Enso AB, P.O. Box 70395

SE-10724 Stockholm, Sweden


Stakeholders located in China, India, Russia and Brazil (due to data privacy laws, the service is currently not available in other countries) may also report their concerns through Stora Enso's external service provider, The Network, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:



- by email

- or by phone (see below) 


CountryAT&T Access CodePhone number
Brazil 08000474591
Brazil 08000474591
Brazil 0800-892-1893
China 4008811494
China 10-800-711-1194
China 10-800-110-1116
Russia 88003335652
Russia 88003335652

To use the AT&T service, please:

1. Dial your country-specific access code to reach AT&T.

2. When connected, enter the 866-number.​​