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Speak Up! Our approach to ethics

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We at Stora Enso believe that successful business comes from doing what’s right. Complying with laws and regulations and remaining vigilant against corruption are the cornerstones of our way of doing business. They are also vital to maintaining a good reputation among our stakeholders.
We promote a culture of open dialogue in everything we do and encourage all our stakeholders to speak up when they witness or suspect violations to our Code of Conduct. Our Ethics and Compliance Programme supports this work with four key areas: top level commitment, communication and training, further efforts in risk areas, and developing our grievance mechanisms. These key areas are introduced in more detail below.​

Commitment starts at the top

​Stora Enso wants to be a more value-driven organisation. Strict compliance of laws and regulations is not enough – our ethical approach needs to go beyond that. This necessarily means that top management at Stora Enso demonstrate its commitment to ethical business.
But commitment from above is only the beginning. Our workshops for dedicated employees provide training and encourage dialogue on ethical issues. In 2014, over 100 Stora Enso employees were trained in these workshops in Shanghai, São Paulo, and Stockholm. We will organise another three workshops in Düsseldorf, Helsinki, and Tallinn during 2015.
Stora Enso employees working in positions with higher compliance risks are expected to make an annual personal commitment to our Code of Conduct and Business Policy. They are also required to participate in in-depth trainings and share information on ethical business conduct to all employees in their respective units.


Training our employees

​​Transparent communication and continuous training are essential in raising awareness and promoting our values among our employees and other stakeholders. In recent years, Stora Enso has rolled out a broad set of policies, guidelines, and training on different ethics and compliance topics that are actively promoted among our stakeholders.
We want to ensure that all new employees are trained thoroughly and without delay. In 2014, we developed a process guaranteeing that all new employees receive training on our Code of Conduct within one month of joining Stora Enso.
We provide more in-depth training on anti-corruption and anti-trust issues to all new employees in certain risk categories. These include Mill and Business Division management teams as well as employees dealing with competitor contacts, purchasing, marketing, and sales.


Stronger efforts in risk markets

​During the last decade, we have expanded our operations into corners of the world that offer excellent business opportunities but also carry heightened risk for non-compliance. To facilitate our expansion into new regions, Stora Enso has partnered with local companies in some countries. While these joint ventures ease our entry into new markets, they can also present risks to our compliance efforts.
Our risk assessment procedures on compliance cover all our units. The most significant compliance risks in our global operations are related to corruption and anti-trust.
In 2014, Stora Enso implemented a specific anti-trust guideline designed for our joint operations around the world, and relevant training was provided at Montes del Plata, our most recent joint venture in Uruguay. During 2015, we will organise similar training sessions for our joint operations Veracel (Brazil) and Bulleh Shah Packaging (Pakistan), as well as within our operations in Guangxi, China.
Stora Enso’s memberships in trade organisations and like associations were investigated in 2014. Following this, we developed and published specific instructions for employees representing Stora Enso in such organisations.


Speak Up: Our channels for reporting violations

​We encourage all our stakeholders to report immediately if they see or suspect misconduct or violation of the Stora Enso Code of Conduct, whether it be by our employees, managers, or business partners. Our employees can report unethical behaviour to their closest supervisor, our Human Resources or Legal Services functions, or the Head of Internal Audit. In 2012, we launched an anonymous reporting service for our employees. Using this service, employees can report compliance violations online or by phone or mail.
Any supplier or partner we work with is also required to report non-compliances with the Code to our Head of Internal Audit.
All reports are handled prom​ptly by our Head of Internal Audit and our Ethics and Compliance team. They are then reported to the Ethics and Compliance Board as well as our Financial and Audit Committee. Stora Enso does not accept retaliation against whistleblowers.
Anonymous reports can be made to the Head of Internal Audit of Stora Enso by mail at:
Head of Internal Audit
Stora Enso AB, P.O. Box 70395
SE-10724 Stockholm, Sweden
Stakeholders located in China, India, Russia, Brazil (due to data privacy laws, the service is currently not available in other countries) may also report their concerns through Stora Enso's external service provider, The Network, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
- or by phone (see below)
​CountryAT&T Access Code​Phone number​
​Laos5631​770-776-5631 (Collect call)​
To use the AT&T service, please:
1. Dial your contry-specific access code to reach AT&T.
2. When connected, enter the 866-number